2VERSION enables source code versioning on your WhereScape red environment.

2VERSION streamlines the software development process with better collaboration and fast production. 2VERSION can help you to integrate new features rapidly, release reliable updates and ensure the quality of your data application by reducing operational complexity and maximizing flexiblity over control.


2VERSION provides seamless conversion of WhereScape reposotories into JSON format for efficient source code versioning. One of the key advantages of 2VERSION is that it facilitates the mapping of data in human-readable form (JSON), making the comparison of different code bases easier, so you can rack changes easy and in an efficient manner.

How does the 2VERSION tool work?

2VERSION enables versioning with WhereScape RED by creating JSON files from the WhereScape RED Repository.

In order to efficiently deploy the changes 2VERSION calculates the delta between the JSON repository and the target repository and creates the WhereScape deployment files (WST files).

2VERSION also checks the referantial integrity and associations of the JSON repository during the comparative analyses.

2VERSION is fully integrates into your CI/CD Pipeline.

Benefits of 2VERSION Tool

  • Source code versioning of WhereScape RED artifacts.

  • CI/CD pipelines to mitigate risk and speed up production.

  • Faster deployments through delta packages created after comparative analysis

  • Branching and merging features for WhereScape RED environments for smooth and well-organized cordination.

  • Revert changes (i.e. Rollback capabilities to file level).

  • Traceability with robust audit trails.

  • Transforms repositories to human-readable format (JSON files) for efficient data processing and comparability.