IT Staff Hire

Placement of IT freelancers—rely on our expertise.

Thanks to our excellent network in the developer world, we have been able to build up a pool of highly trained IT freelancers in recent years. And due to our European staff leasing licence, we have been successfully placing IT freelancers in large Swiss companies and international corporations for several years

Advantages as a company: We provide you with quickly available support. Whether for short or longer projects, your company benefits from the know-how of our freelancers, who are quickly familiarised with new topics due to their vast experience. In addition, personnel leasing offers you the possibility of replacing freelancers quickly and easily with the newly required skillset in the event of project changes. Since we take care of all personnel matters, you also relieve your HR department.

Advantages as a freelancer: We not only support our freelancers in finding suitable companies and exciting projects, but also take care of the administrative work. We invoice the clients, pay the wages on time, and coordinate all social security processes. In addition to above-average insurance benefits, our support in the onboarding process of the respective companies is guaranteed. In addition, we are committed to our freelancers during ongoing projects and stand by their side.

Our freelancers appreciate our support before, during and after their assigned projects and enjoy the status of an internal employee thanks to invitations to the company BBQ, Töggeli tournaments and further training events.

What do we do differently?

  • Since we, too, are at home in the field of IT technologies, we know the needs of our customers. We understand their language and know exactly what they are looking for.
  • Freelancers are our employees, and we take care of our employees. We ensure fair contracts with good security and are happy to provide advice and support, even after the contract has been signed.


Among others, we support major banks and insurance companies with our freelancers. Whether in the field of data or software development, we supply talented Scrum masters, business analysts, Java experts and more..


Gabriela Herger and Ramona Oetiker look forward to meeting you in person.


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