The tariff association OSTWIND is one of the largest tariff associations in Switzerland in terms of area. In the OSTWIND area, 28 transport companies with a route network of around 4,000 km are united under a common pricing system.

In order to correctly distribute the income from ticket sales to the transport companies in the OSTWIND tariff association, the transport companies are obliged to collect key figures, such as passenger kilometres or the number of passengers, and report them to the OSTWIND tariff association. OSTWIND has developed a web application for this purpose. The data is collected and processed in the tool. Based on these key figures, an external company creates a distribution key with which the revenues are distributed to the transport companies.

2BIT took over the project and is responsible for the continuous development and maintenance of the application. 

How 2BIT helps:

  • Product takeover and further development.
  • Product was made cloud-compatible.
  • Performance optimisation.